Aluminium 3/4 x 1/16 U Channel Sections | 3/4″ x 1/16″ (3.2mm) Wall

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Aluminium 3/4 x 1/16 U Channel Sections are a versatile choice for your construction needs. These sections by speciality metals give you the perfect balance of resilience and sleekness. With a corrosion-resistant exterior and excellent recyclability, they are not only a reliable but also an environmentally-friendly option. Additionally, their impressive heat and electrical conductivity, coupled with their shiny finish, make them an excellent choice for electrical and architectural applications. Their durability and lightweight nature, paired with their impressive malleability, allow you to easily manipulate them into complex structures while still maintaining their structural integrity. All in all, if you need a robust, and yet sophisticated, material for your construction or DIY needs, look no further than aluminium 3/4 x 1/16 U Channel.


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