Perforated Metal

In our capacity as one of the largest suppliers of perforated metal mesh in the UK, Speciality Metals can provide a wide range of metal mesh from stock. This includes mild steel, pre-galvanised and perforated stainless steel sheets.  Decorative perforated mesh sheets are also available in mild steel, aluminium, and brass.

Decorative perforation may take the form of a square hole, a round hole, slotted ends with rounded ends or a hexagonal pattern with either a square, round or staggered pitch.

Many applications require perforated steel, including balustrade and railing infill panels, acoustic and soundproofing. Security screens, louvres and ventilation, and air conditioning grilles are also commonly made using this mesh.

Furthermore, these sheets are also widely used in interior design, stage design, exhibitions and shop fittings.

304 Perforated Stainless Cut To Size
Top quality perforated stainless steel cut to size sheets. Sheets...
( 26 )
Aluminium Sheet Cut To Size
Top quality perforated aluminium sheet cut to size. Sheets are...
( 14 )
Mild Steel Full Size Sheet
Perforated mild steel full size sheet panels. Orders packed and...
( 11 )
Mild Steel Sheet Cut To Size
Perforated mild steel sheet cut to size. Orders packed and...
( 20 )


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