Diamond vs Checker Plate: Which Provides Better Slip Resistance?

diamond vs checker plate banner

In selecting a floor plate for industrial applications, slip resistance is a paramount consideration. There are two types of slip-resistant plates that are commonly used in various industrial settings: diamond plates and checker plates. They both have unique advantages, but deciding which is better for specific conditions is often a matter of understanding which provides […]

Aluminium vs Copper: Conductivity Wars for Electrical Applications

When it comes to electrical applications, the debate between aluminium vs copper as the material of choice for conductors is a longstanding one. Each metal offers unique advantages and disadvantages that make them suitable for different applications. In this comprehensive blog post, we’ll delve deep into the properties of both aluminum and copper to determine […]

Strength, Weight, and Cost: Breaking Down Mild Steel vs Aluminium

Mild Steel vs Aluminium Banner

The purpose of this blog post is to explore the comparison of mild steel and aluminium, focusing on three pivotal factors: strength, weight, and cost. Engineers, architects, and designers all rely on these factors when making decisions. To help you make informed decisions tailored to your specific project requirements, we examine the characteristics, applications, and […]

Assessing the Strength: A Detailed Look at Aluminium Angle Bars

19mm angle aluminium bar

Aluminium angle bars are a structural cornerstone in myriad projects, from the skeletal frameworks of buildings to the intricate details of custom fabrications. The appeal of these materials lies not only in their geometric precision but also in their inherent strength, which underpins a construct’s stability. Speciality Metals offers a wide array of aluminium angles, […]

Machining Thick Aluminium Plates: Suitability and Tips for 3mm to 6mm

blog article titled Machining Thick Aluminium Plates: Suitability and Tips for 3mm to 6mm

A nuanced understanding of how material thickness affects the fabrication process is required when machining aluminium plates. Thick aluminium plates, especially those in the 3mm to 6mm range, present a unique set of advantages and challenges that require specific machining methods. Throughout this guide, we’ll examine the intricacies of machining these heftier plates, offering insights […]

Can I Paint or Coat Aluminium U Channel? Essential Tips and Techniques

uses of aluminium u channel

A frequent question among those working with metal structures is whether aluminium U channels can be painted or coated. We field this one perhaps weekly.  Due to aluminum’s unique properties and applications, this query is not without merit, since any applied paint or coating must adhere well and last well. Proper surface preparation and the […]

Can I Drill Holes into Aluminium Flat Bar? A Comprehensive Guide

The question of whether it’s possible to drill holes into an aluminium flat bar is one that surfaces frequently, especially among DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. It is something that we get asked fairly regularly.  The straightforward answer is yes, but the success of such an endeavour heavily relies on the use of appropriate tools […]

Mastering Aluminium Sheet: A Comprehensive Guide to Sheet Metal Thicknesses

blog article titled Mastering Aluminium Sheet: A Comprehensive Guide to Sheet Metal Thicknesses

With its remarkable combination of strength, flexibility, and lightweight characteristics, aluminium sheet metal is a cornerstone of manufacturing and design. One of the most versatile materials on the market, it is used in a variety of industries, from aerospace to architecture. Speciality Metals understands the importance of aluminium in modern engineering and design. A key […]

Expanding the Horizon: Versatile Applications of Aluminium Angles in Various Sizes

Aluminium Angle Bar 38.1mm x 38.1mm x 3.175mm Image

Angles made from aluminium are great for both professional and DIY projects, thanks to their strength, lightweight, and corrosion-resistance. From intricate crafts to robust construction, aluminium angles are a versatile choice. We offer aluminium angles in different sizes, each suited to specific purposes, at Speciality Metals. Aluminum’s lightweight nature makes it a great choice for […]

Mastering the Art of Painting Aluminium Checker Plate: Techniques and Tips

blog article titled Mastering the Art of Painting Aluminium Checker Plate: Techniques and Tips

Painting aluminium checker plates is more than just an aesthetic choice; it’s a practical decision that enhances the material’s durability, resistance to elements, and overall longevity. The distinctive raised pattern of aluminium checker plates offers slip resistance and is used widely in a variety of settings, such as vehicle running boards, industrial flooring, and architectural […]


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