Seamless UK Shipping: Your Guide to Speciality Metals’ Delivery Services

Speciality Metals' Delivery Services

Welcome to the latest blog from Speciality Metals! In this post, we’re going to delve into the specifics of our UK delivery process, tailored to meet the needs of our metals customers all across the country. Understanding how our shipping options work will ensure that your metal supplies are delivered efficiently and safely. The choice […]

Why 304 Stainless Steel Sheets are the Go-To Choice for Durability and Aesthetics

0.9mm thick stainless steel sheet metal

Stainless steel represents an epitome of innovation in materials science and engineering, combining strength with ease of use. This alloy, famed for its corrosion resistance, finds a home in an array of applications, ranging from grand architectural structures to intricate medical devices.  Its unique combination of elements, primarily iron, chromium, nickel, and carbon, confers strength […]

Selecting the Right Metal for High-Temperature Applications

High-Temperature Metals

In the realm of industrial applications, the selection of the right metal for high-temperature environments is not just a matter of choice but a crucial decision impacting the efficiency, safety, and longevity of applications. High-temperature environments pose unique challenges, including extreme heat, potential corrosion, and material degradation. This necessitates a careful selection of metals that […]

A Deep Dive into 304L Grade Stainless Steel Angles: Performance in Harsh Environments

Aluminium Angle Bar Lifestyle Use

In construction and industrial design, the choice of materials can significantly impact the integrity and longevity of a project. Among these, 304L grade stainless steel angles stand out for their resilience and versatility, marking their importance across various industries. They are one of our core materials across our various channels.  Known for their robustness against […]

An In-Depth Guide to Choosing and Using Round Aluminum Tubes

Cutting Round Aluminum Tubes

Aluminium, known for its lightweight yet strong nature, is a staple in various industries, from construction to aerospace, automotive to marine. The secret to its ubiquity lies in its unique combination of properties: corrosion resistance, excellent conductivity, and remarkable flexibility in design. Aluminium round tubes, particularly, stand out in the market due to their ease […]

Shining Through: Easy Techniques on How to Remove Rust from Metal

how to remove rust from metal

In the world of construction, machinery, and everyday appliances, metal plays an undeniable role. And for Speciality Metals it is an everyday chance for learning.  Our metals are sturdy, dependable, and offer a sleek finish. However, one major enemy of metal is rust. Rust, an iron oxide, is formed by the reaction of iron and […]

Is Mild Steel Magnetic? Varieties and Magnetism Explained

is mild steel magnetic?

Mild steel is a popular choice in the construction and manufacturing sectors due to its malleability, durability, and affordability. A frequently asked question regarding this material is: “Is all mild steel magnetic?” To fully answer this, we’ll delve into the properties of mild steel, its various types, and its magnetic attributes. Let’s get into it… […]

Beyond the Guillotine: How Speciality Metals Maximises Every Aluminium Sheet

Aluminium Sheet Metal Clearance

Every industry has its nuances, and in the world of metal fabrication, the efficient use and management of resources is a crucial aspect. This is especially true in the UK metals market as it is so competitive. At Speciality Metals, we’ve meticulously streamlined our processes, ensuring that every piece of aluminium sheet metal finds its […]

Aluminium vs. Steel Angle: A Comprehensive Comparison

Aluminium vs Steel Angle Comparison

In the vast world of construction and design, the decision to use aluminium or steel angles remains a longstanding debate. Each metal offers unique attributes and benefits, depending on its use. In this article, we will delve deep into the characteristics, pros, cons, and applications of both materials. We also offer an array of products […]


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