40mm Width x 3mm Thick Flat Bar Stainless Steel Metal Strip

£4.99£15.99 inc VAT

The 40mm Width x 3mm Thick Flat Bar Stainless Steel Metal Strip by Specialty Metals is a versatile product used extensively across various sectors, including construction, manufacturing, and industrial design. Its applications range from structural support in buildings and bridges to decorative accents in home interiors and exteriors. The choice of stainless steel for this metal strip brings with it inherent advantages such as superior resistance to corrosion, high durability, and a sleek aesthetic appeal. It also offers excellent weldability and formability, making it an ideal material for many projects. Furthermore, stainless steel is known for its low maintenance and long-term value, reinforcing its utility in both functional and aesthetic applications. So, whether you’re looking for structural integrity or visual appeal, this stainless steel metal strip serves as a robust and reliable solution.



£6.04£17.60 inc VAT

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£5.42£15.56 inc VAT

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