Why Use UK Based Metal Suppliers?

As the demand for quality metal supplies continues to surge across various industries, from construction and manufacturing to transportation and energy, sourcing decisions have never been more crucial. One option that has proved increasingly beneficial is turning to UK based metal suppliers.

But what makes this choice so advantageous? Here are some key reasons:

Streamlined Supply Chain

Working with a UK based metal supplier can simplify your supply chain significantly.

With shorter distances to cover, transportation becomes less complex, more manageable, and usually quicker. This efficiency reduces lead times, allowing projects to move forward without long waits for materials.

Speciality Metals offers rapid dispatch for all orders. We cut our teeth through eBay and Amazon, which demands super-fast order turnaround and dedicated customer service. This is why we are the chose supplier to so many customers each day. 

Enhanced Communication

Choosing a UK based supplier offers the advantage of shared business hours and no language barriers, promoting effective communication.

Real-time updates, swift problem-solving, and seamless collaboration become much easier, allowing businesses to remain agile and responsive to changing needs and circumstances.

We have a small team who work both in the factory on our order fulfilment and in the works office on our customer service tasks. Usually, when you communicate with us, you are likely communicating with the individual who processed your order in the first place. This communication would simply not be possible with international transactions. 

Consistent Quality Standards

UK based metal suppliers must comply with stringent quality standards upheld in the country, which are recognised and respected worldwide.

Sourcing from these suppliers gives you peace of mind that the materials you receive meet high quality, safety, and sustainability benchmarks.

Supporting Local Economy

By choosing UK based metal suppliers, you’re supporting local businesses, contributing to job creation, and helping boost the domestic economy. In the face of global economic challenges, this kind of support can make a significant difference.

For example, Speciality Metals is part of a wire weaving and metals business that goes back for 140 years.  The man to the right of this paragraph is Thomas Locker, who was one of the founders of our group in 1948.

Our town of Warrington holds a rich and storied history as the UK’s home of the wire industry. The heritage of wire-making in Warrington stretches back to the 19th century, marking the town as a pivotal contributor to the Industrial Revolution. Its significance in the wire industry has been fostered through generations, with the town’s Wire Works once known as the largest wire-making plant in the world. Today, Warrington continues to embrace its industrial roots, boasting a dynamic and thriving wire industry that upholds its tradition of excellence while innovating for the future. The presence of this vibrant sector contributes significantly to the local economy and further cements Warrington’s esteemed reputation as the epicentre of the UK’s wire industry.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Sourcing materials locally can reduce the carbon footprint associated with transporting goods long distances.

If sustainability is a part of your company’s mission, working with UK based suppliers can contribute to your environmental goals.

Brexit Considerations

As a result of the UK’s exit from the European Union, import and export regulations have also changed. In order to avoid potential tariffs, delays at customs, and added costs associated with the importation of goods from overseas, it is beneficial to source materials from UK suppliers.

By choosing a UK-based supplier like Specialty Metals, you bypass these complications as the goods do not need to cross international borders.

Furthermore, with Brexit causing uncertainties around supply chains due to potential disruption or delays at borders, sourcing from a UK supplier ensures a more predictable and reliable delivery timeline. It eliminates the risks of unexpected hold-ups that could impact project schedules.

Lastly, Brexit has caused fluctuations in exchange rates, which can affect the cost of importing goods. Purchasing from a UK-based supplier shields you from these currency risks, providing more stability in terms of cost management. Thus, choosing Specialty Metals not only offers logistical and financial benefits but also ensures a seamless supply of quality metals in a post-Brexit landscape.

Building Strong Relationships

Working with a UK based supplier allows for better opportunities to build strong, long-term business relationships.

Face-to-face meetings are more feasible, and there is the potential for better mutual understanding due to shared cultural and business norms.

In conclusion, using UK-based metal suppliers offers numerous benefits, from logistical advantages and quality assurances to supporting the local economy and environmental sustainability.

For businesses navigating the evolving landscapes of industry and economy, these benefits can make a significant difference. It’s about not only choosing a supplier but forming a partnership that helps drive your business forward.



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