Copper in Antimicrobial Applications: Science and Benefits

copper and its antimicrobial benefits

Benefits of Copper Over the centuries, the fight against microbes has been an ongoing quest. People have always been innovative when it comes to finding ways to combat harmful pathogens, from boiling water to UV radiation and chemical agents. The use of metals, notably copper, in antimicrobial applications, has been known since ancient times and […]

Understanding Corrosion: The Biggest Enemy of Metals

understanding corrosion

When it comes to metals, one of the most prominent and persistent threats is corrosion. Corrosion can not only weaken structures, render tools useless, and decrease the aesthetic appeal of metallic objects, but it also leads to substantial financial losses annually. In this blog, it covers everything you need to know about understanding corrosion. Let’s […]

From Coins to Cables: The Diverse Uses and Benefits of Copper in Everyday Life

benefits of copper mesh rolls

Benefits of Copper Copper, one of the oldest metals known to humanity, has continued to play a significant role throughout history. From the early days when ancient civilizations used it to create coins, tools and artworks, to its modern applications in construction, technology and even health, the versatility of this reddish-brown metal cannot be overstated. […]

Bending Copper Sheets: How to Make It a DIY Project

Bending Copper Sheet

Bending Copper Sheet Crafting and DIY projects can be both a creative outlet and a practical skillset, allowing us to customise our surroundings while also learning useful techniques. One such technique that’s gaining popularity is bending copper sheets. If you’re looking to create unique decorative pieces, custom jewelry or functional home improvements, this skill can […]


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