M10 (10.5mm) A2 Form A Flat Stainless Steel Washer

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Steel washers are one of the most important components in any construction project. When it comes to choosing the perfect steel washer, you want one that ticks all the boxes in terms of hygiene, durability and versatility. The M10 (10.5mm) A2 Form A Flat Stainless Steel Washer from Speciality Metals is an outstanding option for anyone looking for a top-quality washer. Made with 304 grade stainless steel, this washer boasts excellent hygiene properties, making it ideal for use in hygiene-sensitive environments. It is also highly durable, versatile and low maintenance, meaning that you can rely on it to last you for years to come. In addition, this washer is corrosion-resistant and provides a secure fit, making it a fantastic option for a wide range of applications.


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